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Johnson Wedge Wire Panel


Flat wedge wire screen, also known as Panel Screen, is a rectangular wedge wire filtration screen that serves a wide range of applications. These versatile Flat wedge wire screen panels are the most commonly used Wedge Wire Screens and are designed with V-profiled wires that create open gaps, making them ideal for use in mineral processing on both stationary and vibratory decks.

Product Details

Our Johnson Flat Panels can be customized to meet your specific requirements, with options for various types of fittings to match your equipment. Whether you need Mild Steel or Stainless Steel square bars, quality hook strips, or other specifications, we can tailor the flat panels to suit your needs.

The key advantage of flat wedge wire screen lies in its ability to provide a smooth, flat surface with consistent openings. Unlike other screening options like sieve bend screens or cylinder wedge screens, flat wedge wire screens can be optimized to maximize open area and strength, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panels Applications :

1. Vibrating Screen Decking: Flat panels are ideal for use in vibrating screens, ensuring effective sieving and filtration.

2. Surface Water Intake Screens: These screens are essential for applications involving water intake, providing efficient filtration.

3. Fish Diversion Screen Panels: In fisheries and aquaculture, our panels serve as effective fish diversion screens.

4. Hatchery Screens: Flat panels are crucial in hatcheries for filtration and separation purposes.

5. Grain Drying Screens: They are used in the grain industry for efficient drying processes.

6. Malt Kin or Germination Floors: Flat panels play a role in Malt Kin and germination floors, ensuring proper filtration.

7. Decorative Materials: Beyond filtration, these panels can also serve as decorative elements in various architectural applications.

Johnson Flat Wedge Wire Screen Application

Specifications of Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel:


SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, Duplex, Hastelloy, etc

Length Range

Up to 6000mm

Width Range

Up to 6000mm

Slot Range

20 micron to 3000 microns (Tolerance:+-5 micron)

Other Shapes

Could cut to any shape according to requirements, such as round, semicircle, sector, and so on.

Wedge Wire








Support Rod








End Finishing

With the frame, without any frame, according to request.


Customized According To Requirement

 Our range of wedge wire screens includes different types, each tailored to specific applications. Some can be attached to machinery, while others function as standalone filtration units. The key parameters that determine the effectiveness of our filter screens include the open gap, wire tilt angle, screen width, and total area. These factors are essential for achieving high-quality filtration and durability, emphasizing the importance of precision in design and manufacturing.

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For pricing and inquiries, please reach out to our Business Department via email at admin@yuanlvfilter.com  When contacting us, be sure to provide detailed requirements, as this information will help us provide you with an accurate quotation promptly.

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