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Yuanlv-Your Preferred Wedge Wire Filters  & Filter Solution Manufacturer

Yuanlv is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of custom wedge wire screens and self-cleaning filters. Boasting a team of skilled and experienced engineers, we are dedicated to industry water/waste treatment and liquid filtration tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our primary objective is to deliver top-notch service and ensure the optimal utilization of wedge wire filters for your specific applications. At Yuanlv, we prioritize customer satisfaction and excel in providing bespoke solutions for various industrial needs.

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Our Capabilities

--Design & manufacturing of unique and customized Wedge Wire Screens

--Design and supply of self-cleaning filters and backwash filters

--Manufacturing of Hydro Sieve and Static Screener for a wide range of industries

--Design filtration solutions depending on the application.

--Specialized V-wire construction to provide high filtration performance


Our Goal Is To make what matters work.

We are an industry filter strainers factory, but more importantly, what we do improves the quality of life and the environment. Our products, technologies, and services make a difference in the world.

We spend considerable quality time on wedge wire filters and filtration solutions for the needs of our clients.

Our wedge wire products mix can be found in industries all over the world as wastewater treatment, coal mines, paper pulp, seawater plants, Starch Industry, and Viscous Liquid Filtration.

Why Work with Us?



Customized design according to different project construction requirements


Fast delivery

The fastest possible shipping to solve problems immediately

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Cost-Effective wedge wire products

Less clogging,High strength and high durability, Broad flexibility in design.

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Wide applications

Wedge wire can solve the filtration and screening problems of most industry liquids

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