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Wedge Wire Screen Panel


Wedge Wire Screen Panels - High Strength and Long Lifespan

Wedge wire screen panel uses include sieving and filtration processes.It can be used for Vibrating screen decks,Surface water intake screens,Fish diversion screen panels,Grain drying screen,etc. 

Product Details

Wedge Wire Screen Panel

What are Wedge Wire Screen Panels?

The flat wedge wire screen panel also referred to as a panel screen, is a rectangular wedge wire filtration system designed to enhance the accuracy of the filtration process through vibration or fluid flow.

Flat wedge wire screen panels offer effective filtration solutions across various applications, thanks to their well-suited geometry. The panel design of these wedge wire screens allows them to be versatile and adaptable for a diverse range of applications.

Wedge Wire Screen Panels Application

Wedge wire screen panels are highly versatile and find application in various industries. The primary uses include sieving and filtration processes. Additionally, they can also serve as decorative materials in architectural designs. Below are the specific fields where these flat screen panels are commonly utilized:

Vibrating screen decks: Wedge wire panels are used for constructing decks of vibrating screens that efficiently separate solids from liquids or classify different size particles.

Surface water intake screens: These screens act as barriers to prevent debris, plants, or fish from entering water intake systems while allowing a continuous flow of clean water.

Fish diversion screen panels: They help divert fish away from industrial or power generation facilities' cooling water intakes to ensure their safety and protect them from harm.

Hatchery screens: Used in fish hatcheries, these screens assist in separating eggs or young fish according to size for breeding purposes.

Grain drying screen: Wedge wire panels facilitate efficient grain drying by allowing hot air to evenly distribute through the grains while preventing them from escaping the drying chamber.

Malt kin or germination floors: These floors provide optimal conditions for malting barley during its germination process by ensuring controlled airflow and drainage.

As aesthetic elements in architecture: adding an attractive touch to buildings with their unique patterns and designs.

Wedge Wire Screen Panel application fields

If you are not sure which specification wedge wire screen panels you need, you can contact our engineers at any time to help you choose a more suitable filter.  Contact us for flat screen panel quote

Specifications of wedge wire panel


SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321, Duplex, Hastelloy, etc

Length Range

Up to 6000mm

Width Range

Up to 6000mm

Slot Range

20 micron to 3000 microns (Tolerance:+-5 micron)

Other Shapes

Could be cut to any shape according to requirements, such as round, semicircle, sector, and so on.

Wedge Wire








Support Rod








End Finishing

With the frame, without any frame, according to request.


Customized According To Requirement

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