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Screw Press Screen Wedge Wire


The screw press screen is a key part of the screw extractor. It has numerous applications in separation and dewatering. 

It can be used for animal manure dewatering, waste treatment, wastewater treatment, etc.

We customize the screw press screen with good roundness, strong construction, and precise slot size.

Product Details

The Screw Press Screen is composed of a working profile and support profile. The support profiles are placed on the suit position of the machine, during the surface profiles are spirally wounding, the support profiles are welded onto the surface profiles.

As we all know, the Screw Press Screen is composed of surface profiles and support profiles. The wire type of surface profile is commonly triangular wire, which is also called V-shaped wire.

The support wire can be triangular wire or square wire.

Johnson Wedge vee Wire Bridge Slot Screen Pipe for Water Well

Screw press screens are used in a wide variety of dewatering applications, often in the same applications as belt presses, centrifuges, and filter presses. 

The screw press is a simple, slow-moving mechanical device. Dewatering is continuous and is accomplished by gravity drainage at the inlet end of the screw and then by reducing the volume as the material being dewatered is conveyed from the inlet to the discharge end of the screw press.


High strength design

The high percentage of the open area ensures perfect efficiency

Precise slot open size

Can be designed and customized according to working conditions.

We can custom make any screw press screen to meet your needs. 

More Details:

Screw Press Screen Wedge Wire

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