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Wedge Wire Pressure Screen for Pulp Paper


Pressure screens are mainly used for stock preparation in the pulp and paper industry. They can be used for any application regarding fiber or fine grain filtration.

Product Details

Wedge wire screens also named Wedge wire filters are produced as flat, arch bent, gutter type, cone, and cylindrical segments. They are characterized by precision workmanship and gap size, extended life span, the capability of self-cleaning, and low-pressure drop. 

It is made of 'V-shaped stainless steel wire and stainless steel strip. Smooth surface is for filtering, the gap is strip, belonging to the form of surface filtration. As a multiform of automatic filters ( such as automatic backwashing, scraper self-cleaning, scraping disc self-cleaning, sucking self-cleaning filters) are widely used in various industries of fluid filtration.

Benefits of Wedge Wire Pressure Screen:

1. Precise and uniform slot open size

2. High clogging resistance

3. High strength design

4. Can be designed and customized according to working conditions.


Pressure screen, Screw press screen, Grinding milling screen, Cylindrical screen

Pulp paper, Mine, coal, oil, fertilizer, chemical, grain, salt, environmental protection, and so on. 

Wedge Wire Pressure Screen for pulp paper

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