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Water Intake Screen


Intake screens, also known as passive intake screens or wedge wire intake screens, are made of V-shaped wires with continuous, smooth slots. 

Welded onto support rods, they create a large open area allowing low-velocity flow across the entire surface. This design minimizes debris interference, safeguarding aquatic life.

Their efficiency and environmental safety make them crucial components in maintaining system integrity.

Product Details

Intake screens, also called passive intake screens and wedge wire intake screens.

wedge wire passive intake screens sales

Considered the initial defense of intake systems, water Intake screens protect fish and equipment like pumps and turbines from harmful debris. 

YUANLV specializes in crafting versatile wedge wire intake screens designed with flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind. 

Our offerings include T-intake screens, half intake screens, drum screens, and flat panels, providing diverse options to suit various needs. With a dedicated engineering team focused on water intake and treatment screens, we ensure you get the precise screen tailored for your specific application.

These wedge wire passive intake screens serve as the frontline defense for municipal, industrial, irrigation, and hydro intake systems. Our solutions are engineered to efficiently and environmentally safely deliver water to your system.

Passive Water Intake Screens:

Our passive screening technology allows water to flow through the intake point at a consistent, low velocity. Debris and aquatic life remain in the water while it passes through the intake screen. Placing screens away from the shore enhances water quality by reducing concentrations of marine life and debris. With no moving parts, these screens boast reliability and require minimal maintenance.

Water Intake Screens Features:

1. Zero moving parts, ensuring efficient fabrication and negligible maintenance.

2. Continuous slots and a large open area minimize clogging while maximizing water flow.

3. Various designs accommodate different depths, from deep to shallow.

4. Crafted from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and extended durability.

5. Protects aquatic life and equipment from harmful debris.

Water Intake Screens Applications:

Intake screens facilitate continuous water extraction from rivers, lakes, dams, and oceans. Widely used across industries including 

municipal water supply

--water treatment plants

--LNG plants


--paper & pulp

--sugar mills

--nuclear power plants

Why Choose YUANLV?

With over a decade of experience, we specialize in wedge wire screens and Profile Bar screens. Our range includes various configurations, materials, sizes, shapes, and precision openings, all aimed at providing the most efficient screen design for your unique requirements.

We excel in custom manufacturing, leveraging the expertise of our sales, engineering, and production teams to deliver excellence in every product. In-house operations ensure precision and consistency, allowing us to offer accuracy in every aspect.

At YUANLV, our commitment is to provide top-notch solutions, resolve technical challenges, and assist in designing the most effective screen placements for your needs. We're dedicated to crafting solutions that stand out in quality and performance, ensuring your intake systems operate at their best.

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