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Dehydration Screen Basket


High-Performance Dehydration Screen Baskets for Centrifuges 


Coal Dewatering, Mineral Processing, Precious Metals Recovery

Sand and Gravel Operations, Sludge Dewatering, Purification of Various Products

Product Details

High-Performance Dehydration Screen Baskets for Centrifuges

Dehydration Screen Baskets play a crucial role in separating solid-liquid mixtures using centrifugal force in coal centrifuges. The slime enters the machine through the material inlet and is distributed evenly by the  Conical Basket Screen and spiral discharge rotor. Under the action of centrifugal force, water and small particles pass through the wedge wire screen, collecting in the water tank and eventually being discharged through drain pipes.

Meanwhile, coal particles are retained inside the screen basket, where the spiral discharge rotor scrapes them off and pushes them to the bottom of the basket. This continuous process results in dehydrated slime being discharged into the collecting hopper.

Key Advantages of Dehydration Screen Baskets

Our wedge wire Dehydration Screen Baskets offer several benefits, including:

--Effective Solid-Liquid Separation: Efficient separation of solid and liquid components

--Batch and Continuous Operation: Flexibility to operate in both batch and continuous modes

--High Centrifugal Forces: Powerful centrifugal forces for optimal separation

--Adaptability to Various Centrifuge Machines: Compatibility with a range of centrifuge machines

--Ease of Operation: Simple and convenient operation and maintenance

--Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for various industries and applications

--Low Maintenance Requirements: Minimal maintenance needs for reduced downtime

Common Applications of Dehydration Screen Baskets

Dehydration Screen Baskets are widely used in various industries, including:

1. Coal Dewatering: Reducing moisture content in coal for transportation, storage, and combustion

2. Mineral Processing: Dewatering concentrates and separating solid particles from liquid in ore processing

3. Precious Metals Recovery: Dewatering and concentrating valuable metals for further processing

4. Sand and Gravel Operations: Dewatering and separating fine particles from slurry in sand and gravel operations

5. Sludge Dewatering: Separating solid particles from the liquid in sludge dewatering processes

6. Purification of Various Products: Effective separation and dewatering in various industrial processes

Unlock the Full Potential of Dehydration Screen Baskets

Our Dehydration Screen Baskets are designed to provide efficient solid-liquid separation solutions for various industries. With their versatility, reliability, and ease of operation, they are an essential component in many industrial processes. 

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