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Wedge Wire Screen FRQ

Jun. 19, 2023

What is wedge wire screen?

Wedge wire screen is a type of metal mesh element that is widely used in various screening, filtration, dehydration, and declining operations. It is known for its high strength, rigidity, and load-carrying capacity, and can be made into a variety of rigid screening filters with different shapes. The wedge wire screen is composed of surface profiles and support profiles. The surface profiles are usually v-shaped wires that are wrapped and welded onto the support profiles. The distance between the surface profiles is precisely controlled, as it forms the slot through which the filtrate flows. The direction of the flow is determined by the position of the V-shaped wires (surface profiles) in relation to the support profiles. Wedge wire screens can be either flow-out-to-in or flow-in-to-out, depending on the application.

wedge wire screen filter liquid flow direction

What is wedge wire screen open area?

The percent open area of a Wedge Wire screen can be an important parameter when predicting flow capacity. 

The wedge wire screen open area refers to the amount of space between the wires that allows liquid or gas to pass through. The open area is an important factor in determining the efficiency of the filtration system.

Wedge wire screen open area Fo(%) is the relation of the slot surface to the total screen surface. It is calculated according to the following :

F0 = S/(S+A) x 100 (%)

A: width of the working wire

wedge wire screen open area

The Wedge wire screen open area is a very important parameter for customers who use the wedge wire screen for filtration or separation.

1. In High open areas, the flow rate of treated water will be greater.

2. In High open areas, pressure loss will be smaller. reduced energy consumption while ensuring our economic benefits.

3.  V-shaped wire, will not block.

A high open area can result in a faster flow rate, but may be less effective at filtering out small particles, while a low open area can result in a slower flow rate, but may be more effective at filtering out impurities. The open area of a wedge wire screen should be carefully considered when selecting a filtration system for a particular application.

Where to buy wedge wire screen filters? 

If you are in need of wedge wire screen filters, you may be wondering where to buy them. 

Specialty Filtration Companies

One of the most common places to buy wedge wire screen filters is from specialty filtration companies. 

These companies specialize in providing filtration solutions for a variety of industries and applications. 

They have a wide range of products available, including wedge wire screen filters in various sizes and configurations. 

Specialty filtration companies can also provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Industrial Supply Companies

Another option for purchasing wedge wire screen filters is through industrial supply companies. 

These companies provide a wide range of products and services to industrial customers, including filtration solutions. 

While they may not have the same level of expertise as specialty filtration companies, they can still provide quality products at competitive prices.

Online Retailers

In recent years, online retailers have become a popular option for purchasing industrial products, including wedge wire screen filters. 

Online retailers offer a wide range of products from various manufacturers, making it easy to compare prices and features.

 However, it is important to ensure that the online retailer you choose is reputable and provides quality products.

Manufacturer Direct

If you are looking for a specific type of wedge wire screen filter, you may want to consider purchasing directly from the manufacturer.This can be a good option if you need a custom solution or if you are looking for a specific brand or model. 

However, purchasing directly from the manufacturer may be more expensive than other options.

Local Distributors

Finally, you may be able to purchase wedge wire screen filters from local distributors. 

These distributors may be able to provide personalized service and support, and they may be able to offer competitive pricing. 

However, the selection of products may be limited, and the prices may be higher than other options.

In conclusion, there are several options available for purchasing wedge wire screen filters. 

Specialty filtration companies, industrial supply companies, online retailers, manufacturer direct, and local distributors are all viable options. 

Yuanlv is a China Specialty Filtration factory manufacturer, we can provide wedge wire screen filters with factory price and Specialty filter quality, 

and we can custom filtration solution for your projects.

What types of wedge wire screen?

Typical End Usage of the wedge wire screen :

Catalyst support screen

Johnson Pipe screen

Screens for water and solid-liquid separation

Flat panel screens

Support grids with reinforcement

Screens for reactors and Molecular sieve

Header & laterals for wastewater/water treatment

Top Distributor/ Outlet collector/bottom support screens

Water Nozzles for charcoal adsorber

Conical filter strainer-type screens for sugar industries

Resin trap for stainer filter housings

Complete design of screens for different applications as per customer requirements. You explain the type of the plant and give us the requirement, 

then we shall design and offer a complete screening solution.

Wedge Wire Screen types

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