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Wedge Wire Support Grid


The wedge wire support grid, crafted through welding wedge wire, support rods, and metal grates, serves as a vital filtration element. It's purpose-built to offer precise filtration and unwavering support within reactors and tower internals, preventing costly media loss.

This grid tackles dual roles: 

First, it steadfastly supports both static and dynamic loads.

Second, it secures the reactor media.

Its design is pivotal in preventing media loss.

Product Details

Wedge Wire Screen Support Grids for supporting media in vessels and tanks

Our Wedge Wire Screen Support Grids serve as essential elements in vessels and tanks, ensuring optimal support for media within these containers. Specifically engineered to maintain the integrity of catalysts, sieve beads, or other bed media, these support grids prevent their loss while facilitating smooth reaction processes.

Wedge Wire Support Grid sales

Functional Features

Crafted with precision, the flat design of these Internals support grids offers a smooth surface, minimizing media degradation in down-flow processes. 

The high open area of the Wedge Wire screen significantly enhances capacity, while customization options cater to diverse installation needs across various applications and equipment.

Wedge Wire Screen Support Grids for supporting media

Dual Role in Support and Protection

These support grids play a dual role: providing robust support for both dead and live loads while forming a protective screen that prevents costly media losses. Their design meticulously combines wire and slot spacing, crucial for precise media retention, thereby safeguarding the valuable media during operation.

Custom Engineering and Construction

Each Wedge Wire Support Grid is a meticulously engineered solution, tailored to specific load requirements and pressure drop necessities. Employing bolting bars, bearing bars, and a banding bar framework, these grids ensure mechanical strength, preventing collapse or failure while allowing for segmented installation through manways.

Material and Application

Fabricated from all-welded stainless steel, these grids guarantee high strength and an extended service life, rendering them ideal for diverse screening applications across various industries. They excel in stabilizing and precisely screening media within process towers in industries like petrochemicals, refining, brewing, and more.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of these grids extends across a spectrum of applications:

Catalyst bed support in petrochemical and refining industries

Wedge wire false bottoms for beer brewing

Reactor internals for carbon filters, hydrogenation, and desulfurization

Mash tuns in brewing, ensuring efficient brewing processes

Our Wedge Wire Screen Support Grids stand as a pinnacle of engineered precision, providing unparalleled support, protection, and stability to vital media within diverse industrial processes. Crafted with excellence, these grids offer a seamless balance of strength, functionality, and longevity, crucial for optimizing operational efficiency.

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