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Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel For Industrial

Nov. 16, 2022

Flat Panel Wedge Wire Screens are used in Petrochemical, Fish Diversion, Pulp & Paper, Waste Water, Food, and Architectural industries. And the  Flat Panel Wedge Wire Screens  are manufactured either framed or unframed with a variety of support rods, offers a high strength, long lasting, economical solution to the market. They come in commonly shaped wedge wire profiles and offer good screening efficiency across a wide range of applications. Flat wedge wire screens are excellent for using to de-water, de-slim, drain and rinse, wet classify, dry classify, filter, dry and cool. They are recommended for use in any application that requires efficient liquid-solid separation.

Advantages of the Flat Panel Wedge Wire Screens

- flatness to within tight tolerances

- no weakening of the welds, because of flattening (and no stress corrosion problems as a result)

- accurate distance between support profiles

- possibility of different support wires in one screen

- possibility of variable spacing between support wires in one screen

Application of Opening wedge wire screen panel

The flat panel screens are used in chemical industry, sieving of petroleum, pharmaceutics, metallurgy and coal, food and beverage, also can be used in filtration of water treatment. Flat welded screens are the most popular mining screen due to its strength.

Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panel For Industrial

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