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Wedge Wire Cylinder For Better Liquid And Solid Filtration

Apr. 23, 2020

The wedge wire cylinder is the ideal solution to meet the demands of industries that require efficient filtration systems. Aside from separation of solid and liquid materials, screens also effectively retain, filter, size, dewater and distribute depending on its features and designs. One design in particular, wire screen cylinders, is efficient in filtering liquid and solid components.

Wedge Wire Cylinder For Better Liquid And Solid Filtration

Wedge Wire Cylinder

Cylinders are made from stainless steel materials of 304 and 316 grade to ensure that the filters are protected from corrosive and abrasive chemicals that might be present in the materials being filtered. The cylinders are made with flat screen panels rolled to form a circular design. The surface slots and support rods are located outside and welded together to increase strength and support to the design. The screens are either flat rolled or depending on the application may also be reverse rolled.

Sizes for the cylinder depend on the customer’s requirements and the applications where the cylinders are to be used. The typical construction however ranges from the standard 25 mm with 20 microns slots. The maximum length that can be produced is up to 6000 mm. That said, customization is also available and, depending on the customer’s request(s), adjustments are made to fit the requirements. Additional customization including reinforcement and special fittings to add strength to the cylinders are also available.


The petrochemical, oil and gas industry would benefit from hydraulic cylinders as they are customized to meet the industries’ needs. The filters separate liquid and solid components as well as prevent any contaminants from cycling through the process. The cylinders are also coated with corrosive resistant chemicals to prevent corrosion due to acid or chemical exposure. The design also ensures that the cylinder can withstand hydraulic pressure.

Aside from the oil and gas industry, another application for wedge wire cylinders is in the Pulp and Paper industry. Cylinder panels are used in the first stage where pulp and paper wastes are strained and removed from the liquid components. The cylinders’ design maximizes and increases removal rate ensuring 90% of solid waste is removed at the initial stage.

The food industry would also benefit from cylindrical wedge wire screens especially in the sugar cane industry where juices are extracted from the sugar cane. The sieve screens prevent solid materials such as splints from falling into the liquid component.


Wedge wire screen cylinders are effective in several areas. Due to its precision open area, liquid and suspended solids are properly filtered without the possibility of clogging to occur. Smaller and bigger slot dimensions are also customizable meeting any size requirements. Aside from the non-clogging features, the cylinders are also easy to clean making it easier to maintain thus lowering maintenance and operational costs. Reinforced cylinders can also withstand high pressure and are ideal for heavy usage. Non-abrasive coatings also guarantee that the cylinders withstand corrosion and durability is not compromised.

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