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Screens Candle Filters Cartridges

Apr. 20, 2020

Candle Filters Cartridges can be used for direct filtration as well as medium support. They are small in diameter with fine slot openings, are generally run at long lengths. Cartridges can be used for conventional filtration, outside-in and reverse filtration, inside-out. 

Johnson Screens Candle Filters Cartridges


The filtration capacity of candle filters can be modified easily by varying the number of candle filters to obtain the required filter area. Vee-Wire candle filters are used widely in the brewing industry for Filtration.

The fine wire of cartridges typically used maximizes the open area. Various fitting options are available with cartridges to help incorporate it into almost any process.

Small diameter usually less than 1.97 in. (50 mm)

Substantial length usually greater than 39.37 in. (1,000 mm)

Very fine openings: customed, according to the application

Direct filtration 

Medium support

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