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Standard V Shaped Wedge Wire Tube Strainer

Apr. 10, 2023

The best characterized Standard V Shaped Wedge Wire Tube Strainer is by precision workmanship and gap size, extended life span, the capability of self-cleaning and low-pressure drop. 

It is made of V-shaped stainless steel wire and stainless steel strips. A smooth surface is for filtering, the gap is a strip, belonging to the form of surface filtration. As a high-quality filter element of automatic filters ( such as automatic back washing, scraper self-cleaning, scraping disc self-cleaning, bag filter housing, and sucking self-cleaning ).

Standard V Shaped Wedge Wire Tube Strainer manufacturer China

Standard V Shaped Wedge Wire Tube Strainer Feature:

Easy leakage, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. 

The mesh cross-section is a trapezoid, narrow width of gap, have a wire made of cold rolled stainless steel, this wire is a support rod. 

The screen is uniform, the welding is stable, high hole rate, long service life, high strength, stiffness and bearing capacity of rigid, screening filter device can be made into various shapes.


Mine, coal, oil, fertilizer, chemical, grain, salt, environmental protection and so on. 

Screening of liquid and powder.

We accept OEM, we can finish the products as CAD DWG documents or CAXA, solid work, these Computer design software files you provided!

V Wire Tube Strainer filters

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