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Apr. 17, 2023

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When it comes to industrial filtration equipment, the filtering method is critical to the application. Yuanlv manufactures wedge wire screens for optimal processing of the job demands, whether it’s for separation, sorting, sizing, cleaning, drying, or transporting.   

Our Industrial wedge wire screen filter products are produced in accordance with the customer drawing or product sample supplied and can use elements and sub-assemblies in static and dynamic systems, as filter and centrifuge segments, in screen funnels, and as industrial design elements. 

Below are some examples of our wedge wire screen filter products for  common industrial systems:

1. Sieve Bend or DSM screens: They can be manufactured to various sizes, and are typically used for fish ponds, chemical, coal mine, etc industries.

Industrial Filtration Screens--sieve bene screen

2. Rotating screens: It enables large amounts of material to be processed in a relatively short time and are typically used for chemical, pulp paper, sugar, etc industries.

Industrial Filtration Screens--Rotating screens

3. False bottom: It is best for the brewery industry.

Industrial Filtration Screens- brewery false bottom

Why choose Yuanlv Filter as your industrial screen filter manufacturer?

In addition to manufacturing industrial filtration screens, Yuanlv Filter offers drawing design to ensure that each customer gets the best industrial wedge wire screen filtration solution for his or her unique application. Our every product is of the highest quality, meets all regulatory standards as well as your specifications, and is delivered quickly.

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