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Wedge Wire Industrial Hub And Lateral Distributor

Apr. 04, 2023

The high-flow bottom hub and lateral distributor filter strainer are designed to prevent any of the media from exiting your mineral tank.   

The hub and lateral System are made from a high-quality wedge wire screen, it fits sand filters, carbon filters, media filters, Water softeners, calcite filters, zeolite and iron filters, pH filters, and all other backwashing and tank filter systems.

Wedge Wire Industrial Hub and Lateral Distributor is a high-tech system designed to quickly and efficiently distribute liquids or gases to multiple destinations. The system is composed of hub and lateral strainers that are connected to a main pipe. The hub strainers are made of wedge wire, a high-strength material that helps ensure a continuous flow of liquid or gas. The lateral strainers are also made of wedge wire, and they are designed to allow for precise control of the flow.

wedge wire Industrial Hub And Lateral Distributor

The hub strainers are placed in the main pipe to separate the different branches so that the liquid or gas can be distributed evenly and accurately. The lateral strainers are then connected to the hub strainers, and they are used to control the flow of the liquid or gas to each individual branch. This system ensures that the proper amount of liquid or gas is delivered to each branch, and each strainer can be individually adjusted to ensure that the desired flow rate is achieved.

The wedge wire industrial hub and lateral distributor is a highly efficient and reliable system that can be used in a variety of industries, including food production, chemicals, water treatment, oil and gas, and many others. It is an ideal system for large industrial applications, as it ensures the precise distribution of liquids or gases to multiple destinations. The system is also easy to maintain and install, making it a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient distribution system.

Wedge Wire Industrial Hub And Lateral Distributor filters

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