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Stainless Steel Aquarium Filter Intake Guard

Nov. 02, 2021

The stainless steel aquarium filter air inlet shield, also called the aquarium filter air inlet filter or fish tank filter, is designed to prevent shrimp or fish from being sucked into the filter. In addition, it can also promote gas exchange and increase dissolved oxygen levels.

Stainless Steel Aquarium Filter Intake Guard

Product Details

Raw material: SS304, SS316L……

Number of layers: single layer

Inner diameter: 12mm, 16mm

Structure: main body: single-layer stainless steel mesh; connector: SS or plastic

End cover: 222/226, double-open joint, threaded end joint

Note: Each specification can be personalized according to your requirements

Product advantages

Cleanable and reusable, long service life

Easy to remove and clean from the aquarium filter

100% high-grade SS material, filter safety

Effectively protect the aquarium filter from impurities

Standardized/customized size suitable for most aquarium filters

Yuanlv produces two standard sizes of stainless steel aquarium filter air inlet shields, with dimensions of 6.8cm×2.5cm×1.2cm and 8.5cm×3cm×1.6cm respectively. They are usually made of a single layer of stainless steel 304/316L mesh to prevent rust and sometimes use optional plastic washers as connector components.

Yuanlv stainless steel aquarium filter air intake guard can help you effectively reduce clogging and prolong service life. In addition, it can save you time to clean the filter: just remove it and easily brush or rinse it.

Call us now to get a standard/customized SS aquarium filter air inlet shield!

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