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How to maintain the Static Screener?

Oct. 29, 2021

Static Screeners (also known as DSM Screen) are mainly used in coal preparation plants and ore dressing plants for pre-dewatering, desliming, de-intermediation operations, and grading slime recovery. It can also be used in conjunction with a water cyclone to effectively classify, dehydrate, desludge and deintermediate fine-grained materials. The paper industry, water treatment, and coal preparation plants often use Static Screeners, so how to maintain Static Screeners? This article introduces.

 How to maintain the Static Screener

Maintenance method of Static Screener:


The usual maintenance on a stationary Static Screener system is to rotate and replace the curved screen surface. However, some other parts also need to be replaced regularly, such as the screen surface fixing system, the counterweight system and the related feeding door parts, and the resetting of the wear-resistant lining support parts fixed on the feeding and discharging ends of the screen box. And rotation will be explained in this part. Replace the main components of the curved screen, such as the screen surface support device, the base rotation system, and the feed box rotation system.


◆Static Screener assembly, rotation and replacement


The specially designed and tied metal wire on the screen surface has sharp cutting edges in the direction opposite to the flow of the material. These sharp edges (when your fingers move on the screen surface perpendicular to the screen bar, You will obviously feel) It is helpful to cut water from the material flowing on the screen surface. Therefore, each screen surface is engraved with an arrow as a mark to indicate the correct direction of material flow on the screen surface. The screen surface of the Static Screener must be installed in the direction indicated by the arrow, and the direction of the arrow should be away from the direction of the feed box, otherwise, the screen surface will not work normally.


When to replace the screen surface can only be determined by the user's experience level of their own products. After a period of use, the initial cutting edge of the screen bar will be blunt, and the working efficiency of the screen surface will be reduced. When the initial cutting edge is blunt, the opposite edge of the original sharp edge of the screen bar will be sharpened by the same grinding movement at the same time. At this time, if the screen box is rotated, the flow direction of the material on the screen is When the initial installation is in the opposite direction, the screen surface will restore the original use effect.


When the Static Screener surface is worn to a certain index, the gap becomes larger, and it may have to go through several rotations before it must be replaced.


Before rotating the screen surface, you must carefully check the screen surface, because the premature rotating screen surface, one side is not blunt, and the other side has not been sharpened, which will reduce the use effect of the screen surface. When checking the screen surface, use your fingers to move the screen surface from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top. When moving from top to bottom, the fingers obviously feel blunt on the top and sharp on the bottom. At this time, the screen box should be rotated to change the flow direction of the material relative to the screen surface. When the fingers move from the bottom to the top, it is obvious that the bottom edge of the screen bar is blunt and the top edge is sharp. At this time, the screen box should not be rotated.

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