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Custom Fabricated Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen Panels

Nov. 10, 2021

Screens’ 120° Sieve Bend Screen are used in static sieves for either dewatering or classification. As the slurry flows over the inclined screen surface, the perpendicular layout of the wires to the flow, allows for solids to be retained while liquid passes through the screen. Made from Vee-Wire screens, the 120° Sieve Bend Screen can provide up to 50 percent more open area with a narrower wire profile. With a number of manual-handling restrictions, Screens has developed an innovative split-sieve design. This design offers a simple, economical benefit by reducing the physical size and the weight of the screen.

Custom Fabricated Johnson Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen Panels


• Reduced equipment and installation costs

• Low maintenance costs

• Better flow rate and finer fiber removal

• Wide range of applications• Longer screen life

• Slot sizes range from 25 μm to 0.394 in. (10 mm)

• Made with 300 series stainless steel

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