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Media Retention Nozzle

Jan. 25, 2022

Manufactured in a variety of designs and offering compatibility, reliability, performance, and long life.

Nozzles are manufactured according to customer-specific requirements. Typical nozzles can use straight or pipe threads as required. A crank bolt system is also available. Manufactured to orifice design, nozzles are not limited by screen diameter, connection type, slot, or length.

Media Retention Nozzle

Advantages of our nozzle designs include:

extremely strong

more durable than other materials

High percentage of open area

Naturally anti-clogging

Various slot sizes are available

minimal pressure drop

Easily installed in false bottom applications

long lasting

Typical application industry

water treatment

Wastewater treatment


Petroleum and natural gas

power generation

food and drinks



Pulp and Paper

Please contact us for more filter nozzle details!

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