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Aquarium Filter Nozzle


Wedge wire screen filter nozzles as the important parts used in the water treatment equipment for power plant, wastewater processes, the Vee shape wire are stainless steel.

Product Details

Wedge wire filter nozzles are made from V-shaped profile wire, which is spirally wound around a cage of longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded, with a unique welding process. This spacing gives passage for water to enter. The entire process is completed on fully computerized machines. The pitch of winding gives different spacing between two adjacent turns of wire.

Wedge Wire Screen Filter Nozzle Types:

Water Nozzle for Filtration

Advantage of Wedge wire filter nozzle:

1) Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 2507, Hastelloy, etc as your requirements.
2) Continuous slot design provides a large circulation area
3) The standard nozzle is 2in/51mm in diameter and can be attached to the plate either with threaded end fittings or "L" blots.
4) Standard slot opening typically ranges between 0.006”(0.15mm), and 0.020in./0.50mm wide suitable for 40 to 50 mesh size media, Other slot sizes are also available.
5) The wedge wire screen is highly resistant to plugging.
6) Unaffected by temperature, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant, long life span, easy change, safety, and environmentally friendly.
7)Widely used in water softening treatment equipment, breweries Filtration, Sizing and separation, Fluid bed dryers or coolers, Washing, etc.

Different Types of Water Wedge Wire Screen Filter Nozzle

Single and Double Flow Rating Filter Nozzle

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