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Best rotary drum filters for tilapia and catfish pond

Mar. 27, 2023

Fish farms use either seawater or freshwater as a source of water for fish production. Because of the requirement for sufficient fresh water, a water purification system must be integrated into the fish farm.

As well as the supply water being filtered, the water inside the tanks and basins should also be continuously filtered by a side stream to maintain the necessary sanitary water conditions.

Wedge wire rotary drum filters are the best one of filter elements for Fish Farm Water Treatment Systems.

Wedge wire rotary drum filters is a type of mechanical filter that uses wedge wire screen to trap floating debris. The most common floating material in a pond is usually organic; things like leaves, grass, and sticks. It is very important to trap this material and remove it from the pond before it is allowed to sink to the bottom and decay. 

Best rotary drum filters for tilapia and catfish pond

Remember: the more fish in a pond, the more waste generated, and the more helpful bacteria needed to break it down - therefore the bigger the filter the better.

Tips On Running A Filter

Filters must run 24 hours a day.

Pass your pond water through the filter at least every 1-2 hours.

Regularly check pump pre-filter to ensure good flow.

Remember a filter will take weeks to become biologically active.

Clear water does not mean healthy water. Test your water regularly.

Always test the water and seek advice if fish suddenly look lethargic or unwell.

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