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Wedge Wire, Filtration and Sampling Solutions for Your Business

Feb. 03, 2021

The wedge wire has been used over many years in filtration industry. This includes flat screen panels, sieve bend screens, sieve bend panels, centrifuges, rotating cylinders and filter pipe, filter nozzle,etc.

The main use of wedge wire in this industry varies from solid or water separation, grading and sifting to transporting, reclaiming and recycling.

Some typical industries and applications include:

Food Processing

Mining & Mineral Processing

Petrochemical and oil

Brewing, Malting & Distilling

Water & Waste Water Treatment

General Industrial Applications


We also manufacture a variety of custom wire mesh filter element that has been designed to suit many others industry.

Wedge Wire in Brewing industryWedge Wire tube basketWedge Wire in food process industrysieve bend screenFiltration and Sampling Solutions for Your BusinessWedge Wire for Your Business

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