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How to choose wedge wire filtration and screen punching filtration?

Jan. 20, 2021

When you need better strain capacity for round or square particles without the need for filters or mesh cover, the wedge-shaped metal wire filter is very useful. Pressure drop is also an important consideration because it refers to the reduction in fluid pressure on pipe components such as filters or filters. Wedge wire filter elements are ideal for high viscosity applications where the pressure drop may be higher.

When it is necessary to capture larger particles and solids to prevent damage to downstream equipment, please use wire mesh to punch the filter element. When trying to filter finer particles by incorporating filter media or mesh coverings, wire mesh punching element elements are also ideal.

Choosing a more suitable filter element for your industrial equipment is not a simple matter. If the incorrect selection of filter media cannot capture the right amount of media, it will cause serious damage to downstream equipment.

How to choose wedge wire filtration and screen punching filtration?cid=12

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