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Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filter Housings

Jul. 19, 2023

Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filter Housing is excellent for slurry-based filtration applications and situations where the suspended solid load is rather high and the material is particularly vicious. Various industries utilize Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters for preliminary filtration of rigorous applications. 

Automatic Backwash Self Cleaning Filters Types

Filtration Process 

In the filtration stage, the medium passes through the stainless steel filter element either from inside to outside or vice versa. This allows the filter to retain dirt particles while allowing the clean medium to pass through and reach the filter outlet. Once the differential pressure reaches a certain level, a signal is sent from the differential pressure indicator to activate the control unit, initiating the backwashing process.

Backflushing Phase 

When the differential pressure surpasses a predetermined threshold, it triggers a signal transmission from the differential pressure indicator to activate the control system. This automatically initiates backwashing. During this phase, filtered fluid flow reversal (using own medium or external flush mediums like compressed air or service water) removes dirt particles from the filtration surface.

How to Selection Automatic Backwash Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Filter Housings?

Treatment capacity: Consider water flow rate requirements.

System pipeline pressure: Evaluate existing pipeline pressures.

Required filtering precision: Determine desired levels of filtration accuracy.

The concentration of suspended solids in impurities: Assess impurity levels present in fluids being filtered.

Physical and chemical properties of filter media: Account for compatibility with specific media properties. 

Special applications: Identify any unique industry-specific needs. Space constraints: Consider available space within facilities when selecting filters with suitable footprints.

Successful Implementations of YUANLAV's Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Filters:

Food and Beverage Industry: A major beverage manufacturer achieved significant savings in water usage and reduced maintenance costs by installing YUANLAV's self-cleaning filters.

Power Generation Sector: Self-cleaning filters helped a power plant maintain clean cooling water and safeguard vital equipment against fouling and scaling issues.

Irrigation Systems: An agricultural operation improved water quality and reduced maintenance labor by implementing automatic backwash self-cleaning filters into their irrigation system.

Ponds and Aquariums: Automatic backwash self-cleaning filters have effectively maintained healthy aquatic environments, ensuring clear water free from harmful debris in ponds and aquariums.

In conclusion, investing in stainless steel self-cleaning filters can greatly enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of various industrial processes. These automated filters minimize maintenance requirements, extend filter lifespan, and reduce operating costs. When selecting a self-cleaning filter, factors like flow rate, filtration level, and industry-specific needs should be carefully considered for optimal performance. It is advisable to read reviews and consult with experts to make informed.

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