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Hydro Sieve

Jul. 24, 2023

Hydro Sieve -Static Screen Filter for Solid Liquid Separation

Its effectiveness has been proven through numerous installations worldwide across various applications.

Hydro Sieve

What is Hydro Sieve Filters?

A hydro sieve is a cost-effective and efficient sieve used for separating solids from liquids. It utilizes a durable stainless steel bar screen with a triangular cross-section, also known as a waterfall sieve. The velocity of the incoming liquid is used to separate the solids. Its effectiveness has been proven through numerous installations worldwide across various applications.

The operating principle of the hydro sieve relies on the Coandă effect, where the liquid forms a hydraulic attachment to the bars of the screen plate. Unlike straight bars, these bars have rounded angles and are configured in a wavy pattern. As a result, the liquid passes through slots while the separated solids remain on the front face of the screen plate. The screen plate is designed with three distinct angles to ensure efficient elimination of liquid, deceleration of screenings, and drainage.

To support this screen plate, there is a frame that promotes even distribution of effluent across its width before accelerating it down the screen plate. The filtered liquid is collected in the base beneath the screen plate. Together, these components form what is known as Hydro Sieve.

The hydro sieve offers several advantages due to its simple design and robust construction:

No moving parts or motor is required.

Low installation costs with minimal maintenance needed.

Only periodic cleaning is necessary.

Quiet operation.

The wave shape of the bars facilitates a self-cleaning effect for Hydra Sieve's longevity.

In conclusion, hydro sieves provide an economical solution for solid/liquid separation by efficiently utilizing water flow velocity without complex machinery or high maintenance requirements.

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