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Basket Wire Mesh Filter


A basket filter is a wire mesh component designed to remove unwanted particles. Fabricated to fit within a piping system, these filter components are outfitted with some sort of screening media such as woven wire mesh or perforated plate.

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The filtration sector holds the crucial responsibility of refining every facet of existence. Whether it's the pharmaceuticals that remedy our ailments or the maintenance of environmental purity, the significance of filtration pervades our lives more profoundly than we often realize.

It's no surprise that within this realm exists an inexhaustible catalog of filtration elements, ingeniously crafted from adaptable materials like woven wire mesh, strategically deployed to safeguard these intricate filtration procedures. Among these, wire basket filters stand out, assuming a pivotal role in elevating the efficiency of a diverse spectrum of commercial filtration applications.

Wire Mesh Basket Filter

What Is a Wire Mesh Basket Filter?

A wire mesh basket filter serves as a vital apparatus aimed at the extraction of undesirable particles. Purposefully crafted to seamlessly integrate into piping systems, these filter elements are equipped with a specific screening medium, often comprising woven wire mesh or perforated plate.

The inherent porous nature of this screening medium permits the unimpeded flow of fluids within the pipeline, concurrently intercepting and hindering particles that surpass the size of the openings. This exceptional attribute renders them particularly suitable for applications demanding high fluid flow rates.


How Does a Wire Mesh Basket Filter Work?

Wire Mesh Basket Filter Advantage

Commonly, wire mesh basket filters are horizontally installed at the initial stages of a piping system. The quantity of mesh baskets utilized depends on the extent of contaminants present within your system; this can range from a single basket to a collection of them.

Placed at the outset of the pipeline, these basket filters serve a pivotal role in averting the downstream migration of contaminants. Consequently, they provide a robust shield for your equipment, shielding it against corrosive influences and other potential forms of impairment. Simultaneously, this diligent filtration ensures that your final product attains the desired levels of quality.

Wire mesh filter basket strainers offer steadfast support to liquid filter bags during the filtration process, thus averting any potential malfunction. These basket strainers further extend their utility to the filtration of larger byproducts such as rock, gravel, and similarly sized impurities in liquid applications. In this regard, stainless steel wire mesh filter baskets can seamlessly replace filter bags or be employed in conjunction with them to enhance filtration efficiency.

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wire mesh basket filter strainer

Why choose our wire mesh basket filter strainer?

At our factory, we proudly present an extensive assortment of filter basket strainers designed to cater to diverse filtration needs. From perforated support baskets to wire mesh baskets, stainless steel filter baskets, and cartridge baskets – our inventory has it all. We specialize in crafting an array of filter baskets, whether for replacement purposes or as brand-new units, tailored to meet your specific requirements in terms of shape, size, and specifications.

Our Filter Basket Varieties:

Perforated Support Baskets: Engineered with precision, these baskets combine the advantages of perforated sheets with the effectiveness of woven wire mesh, delivering optimal filtration performance.

Wire Mesh Baskets: Crafted solely from woven wire mesh, these baskets exemplify simplicity and reliability, ensuring effective particle retention.

Stainless Steel Filter Baskets: Renowned for their durability and corrosion resistance, our stainless steel filter baskets excel in safeguarding your filtration processes.

Cartridge Baskets: Designed to accommodate filter cartridges, these baskets offer a versatile solution for efficient filtration in various applications.

Material Options for Filter Baskets:

Perforated Sheet Lined with Woven Wire Mesh: A fusion of perforated sheets and woven wire mesh results in enhanced filtration efficiency and longevity.

Woven Wire Mesh Alone: A straightforward design that efficiently captures particles, ensuring consistent filtration.

Wedge Wire: Renowned for its precision, wedge wire baskets provide accurate and efficient filtration across various applications.

Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh: Delivering exceptional strength and fine filtration capabilities, sintered mesh baskets are ideal for demanding environments.

Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips!

Encountering a filtration challenge that leaves you puzzled? 

Our team of Liquid Filtration Experts is here to guide you. Whether you need advice on a unique filtration specification or require assistance in choosing the best solution for your filtration application, we've got you covered. 

Reach out to us via email admin@yuanlvfilter.com or phone at 86-311-85955658 to tap into our expertise today!

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