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Working Principle of Pleated Filter Element

Sep. 09, 2020

The lamination is a carrier for impurity treatment. It consists of a group of discs with grooves on both sides in different directions. The edges of grooves on the adjacent surfaces form many intersections. These intersections form a large number of cavities and irregular channels, which are shrinking from the outside to the inside. In filtration, these pathways cause water turbulence, which eventually causes impurities in the water to be trapped at each intersection.

Working Principle of Pleated Filter Element

If the disk is superposed and installed on the filter element framework, an outer loose and inner tight filter unit is formed under the pressure of spring and water inlet. In each filter unit, the lamination compressed by spring and water pressure forms a filter screen that numerous impurity particles cannot pass through. The lamination width can be customed, and the lamination material is high-quality engineering plastic with high wear resistance. Supported by stainless steel spring, the structure is firm.

The backwash water flows from the inside to the outside along the tangent direction of the inner wall of the lamination, and the lamination rotates under the action of the backwash water flow to ensure that all the dirt is effectively cleaned and discharged. Time intervals and pressure differences can be used to control all steps of back flushing. Once set, it can be used for a long time. The automatic backwash filter completes the whole automatic backwash process in a few seconds without interrupting the work. The filter with this filter principle can dynamically change the lamination clearance when filtering and backwashing, which is very beneficial to improve the filtering performance and filter water quality, and can greatly reduce the backwashing water consumption.

How the filtration phase works:

The water flows into the filter through the filter inlet. When passing through the filter lamination, the filter lamination is tightly pressed together under the action of spring force and hydraulic force, and the impurity particles are intercepted at the lamination intersection point. The filtered water flows out from the main channel of the filter. At this time, the one-way diaphragm valve is in the open state.

Pleated filter element also named stainless steel folded filter element that made of pleated stainless steel sintered fiber web or stainless steel weaving wire cloth.

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Working Principle of Pleated Filter Element

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