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Wire Mesh Filter Disc

Oct. 19, 2020

Our filter discs are by quality stainless steel wire mesh and are cut into different diameters according to customers' request.  And our discs can also be welded into multilayer filter discs in the round, square, or rectangular shapes. The discs are mainly used in pharmacy and chemical industries to filter gas, liquid, and oil. They have the advantages of acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, and corrosion-resisting.

Wire mesh filter disc is one of the most versatile media in the field of surface filtrations. The micron-leveled apertures are uniformly and precisely distributed, giving mesh filter greater accuracy, and can be used to filter the smallest particles in the world including a multitude of industries and applications like plastic & rubber reclamation.

Metal woven cloth filter is woven by different weave types and materials to suit the market requirements. The common weave types include plain dutch & twill dutch. The former is designed for high flow and the latter for fine filtration. Apart from these two types, custom types are available such as reverse dutch weave & twill weave.

Wire Mesh Filter Disc

Stainless steel filter disc is the most popular item for its good properties in resisting high temperatures, corrosions, and deformation. Other materials are possible including galvanized steel, copper, and other alloy steels.

Custom Wire Mesh Filter is supplied for your special requirements like special material, weave types, dimensions, and shapes. The bespoke mesh filter is one of our advantages in servicing our clients. Just email us your inquiry, prompt reply will be received.

The filter disc, also filter meshes we produce are mainly used for solid-liquid separation, gas-liquid separation, or in the industry of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber spinning industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, ceramic, sewage treatment, food, and beverage, cosmetic, etc. And they are best suitable for liquid filtration, dry filtration, and gas filtration.

Our filter discs can efficiently filter the suspension, particles, rust , dirt and other impurities in the tap water, industrial water, living water, electroplate liquid, chemical liquid and oil.

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