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What is Wedge Wire?

May. 07, 2022

Wedge wire, or as it's sometimes known, profile bar, is mostly used in the manufacture of screens. It is classified as a type of screen wire as it is associated with a family of shapes that are utilized in the manufacture of screens, which are situated in a wide range of applications.

What is Wedge Wire?cid=12

Wedge wire screens are manufactured either by loop or welded technology presently, in our endeavour for maintaining high standards of wedge wire screen the actual process begins with the highest quality raw wire then is made into screen nozzle, filter pipe, tube, cylinder, basket, Resin Traps,etc.

Screen forms may differ as well, coming in cylinder, flat and tube form depending on functionality of the end use.

Screens themselves are utilized across a wide range of industries. Some of the end uses most frequently used include water filtration, mineral processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, oil extraction as well as in applications for architecture.

What is Wedge Wire

Where and How is Wedge Wire Used?

After the wedge wire itself is fabricated, it will have to lie on a support, which, can include round or screen wire or even strip/sheet.

Screen wire and wedge wire screen is often manufactured in two, at times three, types of screens: Flat screen and Cylindrical screen are the most dominant types, but within cylindrical, there can be round and basket screens.

What is Wedge Wire?cid=12

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