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Wedge Wire Strainer meet industrial filtration process applications

Feb. 06, 2023

Wedge Wire products are manufactured by an exclusive process of continuously welding an outer profile wire circumferentially in a helix pattern to a series of longitudinal support rods.

Alloys available are Stainless steel, Monel, Titanium, etc.

Wedge Wire products

The design and versatility of wedge wire products make them an ideal component for the fluid treatment industry.

screen tubes

Strainer baskets

High-pressure cylindrical screens

Resin traps

Filter nozzles

Custom-designed fabricated parts

Yuanlv's Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets can be fabricated to meet a variety of industrial process applications. Backwash, High Viscosities, and Flow Directions as well as process variations can all be accommodated. 

Our Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets, in combination with our specially selected Wedge Wire profiles, are fabricated for each specific application. Stringent manufacturing standards allow us to produce a top-quality product that is built to perform.

Wedge Wire Strainer meet industrial filtration process applications

Benefits of Yuanlv wedge wrie Strainer Baskets include:

Extended product life and increased efficiency

Capable of withstanding higher pressures than mesh or perforated plate

Higher percentage of open area compared to other materials

Very low pressure loss

Available in most high-nickel alloys for use in highly corrosive environments

Ideal for self-cleaning applications in filters and strainers

Inherently clog resistant

Durable in extreme conditions

Typical Industries for use

Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Oil & Gas

Power Generation

Food & Beverage



Pulp and Paper

Wedge Wire Strainer basket meet industrial filtration process applications

Yuanlv specializes in custom manufacturing. Our sales, engineering, and production teams have the experience to manufacture what you need to the highest degree of excellence. 

Please contact our Sales Team to request for a

Wedge Wire Stainer Basket

information, customization, or price quote.

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