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Wedge Wire used for Mineral Processing

Sep. 28, 2020

From flat screens to centrifuge baskets, our factory provides a wide range of wedge wire screening products to fit various types of OEM machinery across the UK, US, Europe, and worldwide.

Centrifuge baskets

Various Centrifuge baskets design available.

Centrifuge baskets used for Mineral Processing

Sieve bend screens

We provide a wide range of Sieve bend screens to suit various screening applications.

Sieve bend screens used for Mineral Processing


Our factory supplies a variety of products to suit a wide range of working conditions (static and vibrating).

Wedge Wire screens panel used for Mineral Processing

Products are customed design as the application and customers' requirements. To hear more about our product and for exact specifications, please call us: 86-311-83289301 or emails to us: admin@yuanlvfilter.com

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