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Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle for Desalination

Jan. 11, 2022

The wedge wire filter nozzle for desalination is a kind of Tube Johnson Screen. Nozzle is often used in liquid/solid or gas/ solid separation (desalination, water soften, sand filter). The most special one is the 904L nozzle in the methyl ethyl ketone unit-key inner parts of core equipment in refining and chemical enterprises. Because of the complex operating conditions, the serious corrosion of the medium contacted by the water cap and the large differential pressure, it has long been monopolized by foreign manufactures. After years of unremitting efforts, through constanly collecting and mastering relevant data, we have successfully launched 904L nozzle by carefully studying and exploring the manufacturing process of 904L nozzle.

Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle for Desalination


High strength;

Good resistance to abrasion and corrosion;

High rigidity;

Good in filtration and fluidity;

Flat panel surface;

Fairly well precision and roundness;

Long work time;

Easy to clean and back wash;

Uniform gap.


The wedge wire structure nozzle strainers / sand filter nozzle with thread coupling can be fixed on the filtering equipment for the filteration of water petrol resin and other medium. Also it can be used in the water treatment, water softhening, conversion of sea water into fresh water, the filter of food chemistry.

Small systems may be built moduarly from off-the-shelf components requiring minimal customization.

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