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Support Grids

Apr. 28, 2024

Wedge wire support grids

Available in one-piece or sectional design

Wedge Wire support grids provide an optimal solution for securely storing media within vessels of various configurations and purposes. Unlike conventional wire mesh or perforated metal, wedge wire's continuous slots enhance the open area, ensuring optimal flow rates and minimizing clogging risk. This V-wire design enhances durability and reduces maintenance, making wedge wire support grids the preferred choice for industries operating in demanding environments.

v Wire Support Grids

One of the key features of wedge wire support grids is their adaptability to different vessel configurations. Whether it's a one-piece structure or multiple sections assembled on-site, these grids offer unparalleled flexibility, making it easy to retrofit and transport through existing manways. This versatility streamlines installation procedures and reduces downtime, enabling quick adjustments to changing filtration needs.

Support Grids

Furthermore, wedge wire support grids excel in applications where screens must withstand extremely high loads without compromising performance. Their self-supporting structures exhibit remarkable resilience to collapse and buckling, ensuring dependable operation even under the most demanding conditions. This resilience makes wedge wire support grids essential in critical processes such as acid gas removal, amine contactors, carbon capture, and gas processing.

In addition to their structural integrity, wedge wire support grids are also highly praised for their superior media retention capabilities. These grids, crafted with precision-engineered wedge wire profiles, effectively retain media in vessels of all types, ensuring uniform flow distribution and efficient collection. Wedge wire support grids offer greater longevity and reduced media abrasion compared to traditional alternatives, leading to significant cost savings over the life of the filtration system.

wedge wire support grids

The versatility of wedge wire support grids goes beyond their structural design and encompasses a wide range of applications across diverse industries. 

The wedge wire screen support grids are very important to provide uniform flow collection.

Acid Gas Removal

Amine Contactors


Carbon Capture


Gas Processing

Glycol Contactor

Styrene | Ethyl Benzene

Carbon filters 


Molecular sieves

Gas sweeteners

Lauter tuns

The above are typical applications of support grids.

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