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Static Screen Filter

Jul. 29, 2022

The Static Screen is typically used when the solids are easily separated from the liquid and where the separated solids slide easily.

The Static Screen filter is also known as a DSM Screen, Sieve Bend Screens.

Sieve Bend Screens are ideal for sizing and dewatering applications to remove solids from liquids, or in solid/solid separation for dry feed situations.

Static Screen Filter

Sieve Bend Screens can be manufactured in a variety of widths, arc lengths, apertures, or wedge wires to suit the flow rate and material being separated. Although most applications require Static Sieve Bends, “Cross Flow”, “With Flow” and “Vibrating” Sieve Bends can also be manufactured.

The static screen filter is an industry choice for screening wastewater from plastics, paper, textile, tanning, laundry, milk, and food industries. It can also be used for container cleaning and for recycling water in cleaning circuits.

The advantage of wedge wire screen for static screen filter:

The wedge wire offers superlative filtering abilities with a precision-engineered structure that is non-clogging. It's flexible and can be supplied in a range of sizes and profiles. The screen surface can be supplied in 304 or 316 stainless steel. 

wedge wire screen for static screen filter

Key considerations influencing screen selection include:

Particle size cut point.

Feed rate.

Solids concentration.

Maximum particle size or size distribution.

How static screen filter work?

Solids-bearing liquid (or slurry) is poured into the feed box and overflows onto the screen. The sharp, leading edge of each wedge wire slices away a thin layer of water and small-particle solids.

Larger particles continue down the screen surface until most of the liquid is removed. The size of particles separated is determined by the size of the coal particles and their settling velocity in the liquid.

Separation size, in most operations, is usually about half the size of the screen aperture.

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