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Filter Elements for Nuclear Power

Aug. 03, 2022

Nuclear power plants rely on efficient filtration of air, water, and process fluids to operate reliably. 

Increasing fossil fuel prices have greatly improved the economics of using nuclear power for generating electricity. In addition, as carbon emission reductions are encouraged through various forms of government incentives and trading schemes, the economic benefits of nuclear power will increase further.

Filter needs in nuclear power plants

Air filtration

The air filtration system at a nuclear plant has to cater to widely varying conditions and may include a multitude of elements, sub-systems and ancillary equipment. The strictest safety and protection regulations are enforced. Everything is designed for fail-safe operations.

Water filtration

Power plants have conventional and unique water filtration requirements. The makeup water for the steam generation system is identical to fossil power plants. Pre-treatment is followed by reverse osmosis systems. Filters for the cooling tower system and filters for plant drinking water would also be conventional. The steam turbine requires conventional lube oil filers. Filters are required to purify the condensate. Ion exchange resins are also utilized.

Filter Elements for Nuclear Power

Wedge wire screen filter element is the better choice for Ion exchange resins.

Yuanlv has launched its wedge wire screen filter elements designed for nuclear power generating applications.

These products are also appropriate for use in fossil fuel power generating plants and other commercial applications and custom configurations. 

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