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Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Cylinder

Aug. 24, 2022

 Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Cylinder--these slotted, or wedge wire, cylinders are made with wires held to very tight placement tolerances. The accuracy and precision of the slots (twice the industry average), combined with the widest wire selection on the market, provide the flexibility needed to reach optimum screening results.

Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Cylinder


  Standard finish:

     cutting of width and length of Flat Welded Screen

  Optional finish:


    degreasing and pickling

    post-machining for tighter tolerances

Cylinders and filter baskets are manufactured out of one or more flat screens that are rolled and welded. Also, slot tubes can be used for this purpose after opening and flattening the elements.

We will go on in custom manufacturing - but also remember that pairing the right cylinder with your equipment is important and we have a professional applications team ready to help make that selection.

Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Cylinder

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