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Sieve Bend Screen –DSM Screen for Dewatering and Separating

Aug. 17, 2022

Sieve Bends are static screens that can be used for very fine wet screening operations. The Sieve Bend has a curved screen composed of horizontal wedge bars. 

Sieve bend screen, also named DSM screen, is a curved concave wedge bar type of screen made of stainless steel wedge wires. Wedge wire DSM screen is manufactured by welding the stainless steel V-shaped profile wires to the wedge wire support rods.

Due to the design of the Sieves, they are economical and ready for installation and no modification is necessary.

Sieve Bend Types

One Piece Curved

The original option was to replace wedge wire. The one-piece curved sieve bend offers a lighter option which improves wear life and process efficiency.

Sieve Bend Screen

Modular Curved

Similar to that of the one-piece curved bend, the modular design splits the one-piece bend, making change-outs a simple process as you are only required to change areas of high wear.

Modular Curved Sieve Bend Screen

Static Cradle

This sieve bend has been manufactured to maximize the use of the modular panel design allowing for efficient use of all individual panels.

Static Cradle sieve bend filter

Key considerations influencing screen selection include:

  • Particle size cut point.

  • Feed rate.

  • Solids concentration.

  • Maximum particle size or size distribution.

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