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Wedge Wire Rotating Drum Screen

Jul. 06, 2020

Wedge wire rotating drum screen built for heavy pretreatment applications such as draining, mud thickening, and sandy or industrial wastewater treatment. This product is highly recommended for membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plants.


Solids-laden effluent discharges from the head box and overflows a weir, flooding the top of the cylinder's exterior along its entire length. As it rotates, liquid from the effluent drains through slotted apertures in the screen onto an internal baffle that concentrates the flow against the interior side of the cylinder at its lowest point, dislodging any solids trapped in apertures, even when handling oily, greasy, fibrous or resinous matter.


wedge wire rotating drum screen can be customized based on specifications and/or structural constraints.


304 or 316 stainless steel

T.I.G. welding techniques

These rotary drum screen are filters used for gravity filtration. They are suited whenwater levels variations are low.

According to the type of filter, water runs through the filtering mesh from the outside to the inside or the contrary.

Typical applications:

separation of various solids and sludges from municipal and industrial wastewater, food processes, pulp and paper production and rendering processes; removal of extruded pellets from cooling baths; and separation of debris from any variety of plant and equipment-cleaning processes.

Wedge Wire Rotating Drum Screen for Heavy Pretreatment Applications

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