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Modern Filtration Method for Sugar Mill

Jun. 28, 2020

The sugar industry already has a long tradition with Separation and Filtration.

As global demand for sugar and cane ethanol increases, so does the number of sugar mills. The milling procedure involves several stages of washing, and shredded cane is often mixed with water repeatedly before a final product is achieved. As the numerous aspects of milling require high-quality water, Yuanlv Filter directly meets the needs of this industrial process.

Sugar mills require highly efficient systems not only to reclaim sugar products but also to recycle process water. 

Yuanlv wedge wire screen filter element can used in Sugar mills filtration, saving time, money, and valuable resources.

Filtration is important in different industries, so our filter engineers have the very practical experience and much knowledge in this field.

Our wedge wire screen filter element can be used in sugar mill industry, such as Cooling Tower: Side Stream or Full Flow; Evaporator Protection; Thin Juice Filtration; Sugar Rinse Water; Process Water,etc.

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Modern Filtration Method for Sugar Mill

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