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What should pay attention to when order candle filter elements

Feb. 28, 2020

What should pay attention to if need YUANLV the candle filter elements?

YUANLV’s candle filter elements are customizable, and we need to know the following details when you communicate with our technicians:

Specific dimensions

Filtration accuracy

Connection method

Filtered media

The temperature environment used

If you have drawings, we can communicate according to the drawings. If you do not have drawings, our technicians will communicate with you to confirm the drawings. And after the data is clear, the production is carried out.

The main types of candle cartridges are available.

YUANLV can produce candle filter elements for your equipment. And after your product is delivered, you can be your accessory support partner. Look forward to working with you.

Product features of OEM candle filter elements made by YUANLV:

The technical candle filter is equipped with a plurality of candle filter elements in a closed container, and the filter core is provided with a special filter cloth and a filter element selected according to the characteristics of the liquid material. When the liquid passes through the filter cloth, the solid matter in the liquid is gradually collected on the surface of the filter cloth. When the solid material reaches a certain thickness, a so-called “cake layer” is formed.

Since the gap between the “filter cake layer” particles is small, the escape of particulate impurities in the liquid is retained, so that the filtrate is cleared to achieve the desired filtration effect. When the “filter cake layer” exceeds a certain thickness, the rate of the filtrate passing through the filter cake layer is lowered, and the filtration efficiency is deteriorated. At this time, it is necessary to remove the “filter cake layer”, and then it is important to construct a new “filter cake layer” to start a new one. The filter cycle of the wheel.

What should pay attention to when order candle filter elements

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