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How to better protect the filter screen

Feb. 25, 2020

Generally, there are two kinds of damages to the wedge wire filter screen: one is the high hardness of the material, which causes the screen to be damaged due to the large friction of the screen; the other is that the friction between the screen and the screen does not cause the screen to produce numerous small holes at first, and finally the screen will be damaged from the edge and center.


Now let me talk about the solution to the first situation. We all know that the mesh number of the screen is determined by the aperture and the diameter of the wire. At this time, we will determine to increase the diameter of the wire under the condition that the aperture remains unchanged, and then we will use the screen with high hardness so that the screen will not grind the mesh in a short time.


The second situation will appear in the process of high-precision slime filtration. The most common is that the screen is often damaged from the edge and the middle in the process of ceramic slurry screening. Because of the high mesh number and the high price of the screen used to filter ceramic slurry, saving the screen means saving the production cost.


We add a leather-like pad on the edge of the screen frame to make the friction of the screen mesh on the edge become soft friction, and then the center of the general screen is the most stressed, that is to say, the friction between the central screen mesh and the lining mesh is the most serious, and the screening effect of this piece is the worst, so we also separate the 5cm of the screen mesh center with a rubber pad. In this way, the hard friction between the screen and the lining and the edge of the screen is reduced, and the test shows that the service life of the screen can be increased by 3 to 5 times.

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How to better protect the filter screen

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