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OEM Sieve Bend screen options of all sizes

Jul. 20, 2020

Sieve Bend Screen is one of the fine screen equipment used in treatment plants.  It is physical treatment equipment operating by gravity, without the need for electrical energy.

Instead of domestic wastewater treatment plants, it substantially prevents organic or inorganic contaminants originating from industrial wastewater treatment plants from entering into treatment plants and causing possible pump, equipment, and lifting/elevation malfunctions. It is especially used in wastewater treatment plants of recycling, food, textile, and paper & pulp industries.

OEM Sieve Bend screen options of all sizes

Key Benefits of Sieve Bend Screen

1.Easy separation of solids from the slurry

2.Maximum efficiency

3.Lengthened screen panel life

Our Sieve Bend screens have many sizes to serve all your needs regardless of the size of your applications.

Quality-crafted Sieve Bends screens, suitable for a range of screening media. Our Sieve Bend range has a number of industry-leading features and is designed in many different sizes suitable for a wide range of applications of varying widths.

Please contact us at any time if you are looking for fine screen filter equipment.

OEM Sieve Bend screen options of all sizes

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