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The excellence of Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panels

Apr. 30, 2020

In the realm of industrial filtration, the wedge wire screen flat Panel is the popular filter strainer in all wedge wire filter products. 

Crafted from v-wire screen material, these flat panels boast a smooth surface and minute slot sizes, ensuring unparalleled efficiency. 

Let's delve into the distinctive features that make Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panels a superior choice for various applications.

Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panels

Exceptional Construction:

Wedge wire screen panels are meticulously manufactured with stainless steel surface profiles seamlessly welded onto support profiles at 90-degree intersections. The surface profile, often triangular V wire, combined with support profiles like triangle wire, wedge wire, round bar, or rectangular bar, forms a solid structure adaptable to different machines and diverse applications.

Key Advantages:

Flat Surface:

The flat surface of Wedge Wire Screen Panels ensures efficient and uniform filtration, delivering optimal performance.

Excellent Filtering Performance:

With small slot sizes and a smooth surface, these flat plates excel in sieving and filtration applications, providing superior results.

Accurate Distance Between Supporting Profiles:

Precision is paramount, and Wedge Wire Screen Panels offer an accurate distance between supporting profiles, enhancing their filtering capabilities.

Robust Welded Production Process:

The welded production process ensures a solid and durable structure, making these panels resilient in challenging industrial environments.

Good Mechanical Properties:

Designed for strength and reliability, Wedge Wire Screen Panels boast excellent mechanical properties for long-lasting performance.

High Load Capacity:

Their sturdy construction imparts a high load capacity, making them suitable for demanding applications with heavy filtration requirements.

Corrosion and Rust Resistance:

Crafted from stainless steel, these wedge wire flat plates exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

Temperature Resistance:

Wedge Wire Screen Panels can withstand varying temperatures, making them suitable for applications in diverse industrial settings.

Chemical Stability:

Their resistance to chemicals adds another layer of durability, ensuring stability even in harsh chemical environments.


Wedge Wire Screen Flat Panels find diverse applications across industries, including:

Vibrating Screen Decking:

Perfect for achieving precision in material separation on vibrating screens. Especially in Mining, coal mines, iron ore, etc. 

Surface Water Intake Screens:

Ideal for efficient water intake screening applications.

Fish Diversion Screen Panels:

Ensures effective fish diversion in aquatic environments.

Hatchery Screens:

Maintains optimal conditions in hatcheries for breeding and rearing fish.

Grain Drying Screen:

Facilitates efficient grain drying processes with its precise filtration capabilities.

Malt Kin or Germination Floors:

Ensures a controlled environment for malt kin or germination processes in brewing.

Architectural Wedge Wire Screen:

Serves as a stylish and functional architectural element in building design.

Wedge Wire Grating:

Offers robust grating solutions for various industrial applications.

Investing in Wedge Wire Screen Panels is a testament to your commitment to efficiency, durability, and adaptability in diverse industrial applications. Their unparalleled construction and superior performance make them a choice that transcends traditional screening solutions, providing a reliable and lasting solution for your filtration needs. 

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