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DSM Screen Filter Equipment for Sugar Factory -Wedge Wire Screen

Jul. 04, 2022

In beet or cane, sugar mills as well as raw sugar refineries filtration is one of the core processes in order to produce high quality and achieve the best possible yields from the raw product.

The applications in the sugar industry range from, but are not limited to:

  1. Raw sugar re-melt

  2. Thin juice filtration and polishing

  3. Thick juice and Standard liquor filtration

  4. Molasses filtration and polishing to protect chromatography

  5. Condensate filtration and various types of water filtration

Wedge Wire DSM Screen for the sugar industry

A curved screen has greater capacity than a flat-screen due to forces exerted as material flows against the curved surface. The wedge wire sieve bends have continuous slots, which has efficient filtering performance. Forces exerted as materials flow against the curved surface, curved screen structure has better filtering and greater capacity than the wedge wire screen panel.

Wedge Wire DSM Screen for the sugar industry

Filter Cartridges for the sugar industry

Filters and housings are available in a variety of materials of construction and designs. Flexibility in these areas allows us to offer valued clients the most fluid compatible and resistant housings for a given application.

Filter Cartridges for the sugar industry

We have rich experience with high viscosities and sticky fluids filtration, also willing to customize our equipment for customers' needs. Wedge Wire screen and filter housing, and filter cartridges are our popular products, very glad to get your order message about the different industry filters.

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