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Different filters have different filtration effects

Jun. 14, 2022

Wedge wire screen is a metal filter product manufactured with stainless steel. Wedge wires have high mechanical properties. They are static structures that offer efficient filtering. Many different industries use wedge wire screens to solve filtration problems. Therefore, it is also called a filter screen. 

There are different types of wedge wire filter screens that depend on the application. 

Activated Carbon Treatment: Johnson Resin Trap Screen

Ion Exchange: Resin Trap Filter Element

Centrifugal Separation: Centrifuge Screen Basket

Fine Filtration: High precision wedge wire filter element

Screening: Wedge Wire Screen Panels & Filter

Different types of wedge wire filters have different filtration effects. In general, the important parameters mainly consist of the open gap, the tilt angle of the wires, the width of the screen, total area, etc.

In addition, the wedge wire filter types also depend on the industry application.

We provide different types of wedge wire filter products for the Coal Washing Plant, Filtration of Viscous Fluids, Liquor Filtration, Mining Industry, Textile industry filtration, etc.  

You can also have a look at our Wedge Wire Filter Products.

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