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Coanda Screens Application

Mar. 04, 2024

Coanda Screens

YUANLV stands as a distinguished leader in pioneering innovative solutions for the efficient utilization of Coanda screens in the most demanding liquid-solids separation and water screening applications. Whether the projects span across industries, hydropower, agriculture, municipal supply, species protection, or water resource management fields, our solutions are meticulously custom-engineered to cater to your unique needs and requirements. We leverage the proven technologies of Coanda screens and Wedge wire screens in our bespoke solutions.

Coanda screens present an ideal solution for remote locations due to their absence of moving parts, and the natural gravity drop of water helps maintain the cleanliness of the screens. Despite the simplicity of the end product, which requires minimal maintenance, the design intricacies of these systems are anything but simple.


The majority of Coanda screens find their placement in run-of-river intake structures, small dams characterized by minimal water storage. While these sites are desirable for their low environmental impact, they expose the intake systems to potential heavy debris.

Clients in the micro-hydro sector possess a unique combination of qualities - they are industrious, innovative, and frugal. Witnessing numerous challenges faced by off-grid enthusiasts in managing their intakes, YUANLV has decided to introduce our proven Coanda screen technology to a broader audience. Our Coanda Screens eliminate the guesswork associated with intakes. When power generation becomes essential for your homestead, having an intake that can provide reliable water without the complexities of a conventional suction intake is crucial. The turbine, serving as the backbone of off-grid living, benefits from the fine filtration and reliable water supply offered by Coanda screens, preventing issues such as clogging, wear, and sporadic shutdowns that often plague many micro-hydro systems.

Coanda intake Screens for small dams

We specialize in helping you successfully undertake projects related to the use of Coanda screens in hydro turbine diversions, agricultural diversions, stormwater runoff treatment, fish protection, municipal intake diversions, and the pretreatment of industrial and mining process water applications.

YUANLV is proficient in professionally engineering solutions to meet your screening challenges, regardless of the nature of your project. Contact us today and discover how we can contribute to the success of your project.

Coanda screens for small dams

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