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Coanda Screen System for Industry

Oct. 20, 2022

The main applications of the Coanda Sieb screen system are:

1. hydroelectric power plants

The most popular and effective way for the Coanda inlet screen, also called hydropower screen, is to use for hydroelectric power plants - hydroelectric power. Coanda hydro screen prevents harmful materials, deposits in the suction process and ensures clean water. In this way, turbine blades in hydroelectric power stations can run longer without being damaged.


Main advantages of Coanda strainer in hydroelectric power plants:

Sustainable energy production and increased output efficiency

Self-cleaning and no electricity required

Increased income with continuous water intake

Durable protection bars and negligible maintenance

Special design for high water absorption performance

Protection of turbine blades from abrasion, sediment and debris

 Coanda Screen System

2. Agricultural Applications


Coanda inlet strainer is preferred for agricultural applications, for example to provide plants with clean water. Coanda Hydroscreen / Coanda Screen prevents sediment, sticks, soil from the water channel. This provides significant solutions for agricultural applications where clean water is required. In agriculture, the Coanda box screen is also used for mobile filtration.


The main advantages of the Coanda rake can be listed as follows:


Provides even and continuous clean water

No moving parts and no power requirement

Prevents sediment, soil, branches from the sewer system

Self-cleaning and negligible maintenance


3. Waste water treatment

Coanda strainer filters sediment with no moving parts and requires no power. Coanda hydroscreens are an important alternative for wastewater applications due to their high durability and negligible maintenance.



When dewatering is required, Coanda screens can be used. It absorbs all the water coming from the downflow with high capacity absorbs. Thus, hydro inlet strainers do not allow water to be diverted and transfers all clean water into the sewer with high filtration rates.

waste water treatment

Coanda filter screens can provide clean water for municipal applications such as wastewater treatment. Efficient filtration of liquid-liquid separation aids in zero-power wastewater treatment applications

4. Drinking water

Because of its superior filtration and self-cleaning ability, the Coanda screen is widely used in the industry. The perfect filtering of the water ensures that it is safe for human consumption.

This application list is not exhaustive. For other applications, contact YUANLV

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