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Best Sand Filter Nozzles for Watertreatment 2023

Oct. 26, 2023

If you're in search of top-notch sand filter nozzles, look no further. We are a reputable sand filter nozzles manufacturer based in China, offering premium-quality products at competitive prices.

Our stainless steel sand filter nozzles are engineered with precision, consisting of two main components: the wedge wire filter and the stem. The wedge wire filter is equipped with slots that effectively restrict the passage of resin or gravel while allowing water to flow through. The number, width, and length of these slots determine the flow rate through the nozzle. The filter nozzle is securely attached to the underdrain bed, with a threaded stem inserted into corresponding holes, and fastened to a plate with washers and nuts.

Best Sand Filter Nozzles for Watertreatment  Manufacturer

We take pride in the robust design of our filter nozzles. The threads are reinforced, and a rubber washer is added to ensure a secure connection that won't easily come loose. The filter head base is designed to eliminate dead water areas and prevent the deposition of mud between the filter plates.

Our sand filter nozzles are constructed from high-pressure bearing stainless steel engineering wedge wire material, ensuring durability and resistance to breakage.

Best Sand Filter Nozzles Sales Factory

The versatility of our sand filter nozzles extends to a wide range of applications.

They can be used in industrial water settings, including beverage production, printing, swimming pools, and more. Additionally, they are suitable for industrial wastewater treatment and domestic sewage projects.

At YUANLV, we offer an extensive selection of industrial water filter nozzles and nozzle strainers designed for water treatment. Our products cater to a variety of applications, including industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment, water purification, ion exchange systems, and domestic uses like swimming pools, irrigation, and water softening filters. With our extensive field experience, we have earned a reputation as one of the world's leading filter nozzle manufacturers.

Our filter nozzles find applications in various industries:

Electricity Power Generation

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals


Metal and Paper Production

Food & Beverage Processing

Agricultural & Zootechnics

Health & Swimming Pools

The sand filter nozzle versatility is evident in its usage across multiple sectors and processes where the efficient removal of suspended matter from water or wastewater is essential. 

These sectors include:

Drinking Water Production

Swimming Pools

Car Washes

Groundwater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plants


Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry

Beverage and Food Industry

Surface Treatment of Metals

Cooling Water Production

Pre-filtration in Active Carbon Treatments and Membrane Systems

Iron Removal from Groundwater

Final Wastewater Purification

Purification of Wastewater from Iron, Steel, and Non-Ferro Alloys Production

Wastewater from Sand-Blasting Grit and Paint Particle Removal

Greenhouse Horticulture Drain-Water Disinfection

Stormwater Filtration

Sewage Treatment


Our sand filter nozzles are an essential tool in ensuring clean and safe water for a multitude of applications.

Don't compromise on water quality – choose our sand filter nozzles for reliable and efficient filtration.

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