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Automatic Backwash Filters for Water Treatment

Sep. 25, 2023

An Automatic Backwashing Filter System is an innovative filtration solution designed to efficiently remove oversize and contamination from liquids. This self-cleaning filter system utilizes a unique mechanism that reverses the flow of water through the filter media to clean, regenerate, re-stratify, or refresh itself, ensuring continuous and effective filtration. This advanced technology offers numerous advantages, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for a wide range of applications.

Automatic Backwashing self cleaning Filter Features and Benefits:

Automatic Backwashing self cleaning Filter

1. Continuous Filtration: The automatic backwashing filter operates seamlessly, allowing a continuous flow of liquid through the system. This ensures uninterrupted production processes and prevents the need for frequent system shutdowns and maintenance.

2. Self-Cleaning Mechanism: The heart of this system lies in its self-cleaning mechanism. Inside the filter, mechanical scrapers and a wiper system work in tandem to remove oversize materials and contamination from the filter media. This cleaning process occurs while maintaining the main flow through the filter, guaranteeing consistent performance.

3. Cost Savings: Automatic backwashing filters offer significant cost savings. They reduce the need for constant filter element changeouts and minimize energy consumption by maintaining efficient filtration throughout their operation. This cost-efficiency makes them a wise investment for various industries.

4. Equipment Protection: These filters are crucial for protecting downstream equipment and pipes. They prevent scale buildup in pipes, reducing the energy required to pump water and extending the lifespan of expensive equipment.

5. Versatile Applications: Automatic self-cleaning filters find applications in diverse industries where continuous water flow is essential. They are commonly used for industrial water filtration, irrigation systems to protect nozzles, and municipal water filtration systems to safeguard membranes. Their versatility makes them suitable for various scenarios.

6. Environmentally Friendly: By efficiently removing contaminants from liquids, these filters contribute to a cleaner environment. They are particularly beneficial in large-scale irrigation applications, helping treat runoff rainwater and farm water while minimizing environmental impact.

7. Range of Technologies: Our product offerings include different filter technologies such as wedge wire screens, disc filter elements, and media filters. These technologies are designed to effectively treat and filter water, catering to diverse requirements.

Our Automatic Backwashing Filter Systems are engineered to enhance liquid quality, ensure operator safety by minimizing exposure to products, and deliver reliable and cost-effective filtration solutions. 


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