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Why do you need a resin trap

Sep. 10, 2021

Why do you need a resin trap?

Many water treatment processes use small particles, plastics, powders, pellets, and/or crystallization media in pressure vessels.

Over the years, complex screens, slotted tubes, perforated plates, membrane devices, etc. have been designed to keep the media in the container. These water distribution systems are damaged due to corrosion, chemical erosion, thermal damage, rapid flow changes, and system aging.

When the water distribution system is damaged, ion exchange resin or other media will enter the water distribution system, polluting or destroying downstream reverse osmosis membranes, expensive membrane filters, pumps, water tanks, pipelines, processes, and any products that come into contact with contaminated water.

What is a resin trap?

The resin trap is a very simple screening device using stainless steel wedge wire mesh. The slit is small enough to retain upstream ion exchange resin or other filter media. The number and size of the openings are designed to maintain the pressure drop at ∆P=2 psi at the rated flow. A clear sleeve will intuitively indicate whether there is an upstream problem. The small ball valve allows the resin or media to be recovered after the problem has been repaired.

Since the groove in the wedge wire is 0.010 inches and 254 microns, the resin trap can protect but cannot replace downstream cartridge filters, bag filters, membrane filters, etc. These filters usually have much lower microns grade.

Why do you need a resin trap

Where should you install the resin trap?

Resin traps should be installed in the product line of most water treatment equipment based on resin and media, such as:

Softeners, desalination agents, condensate polishes, desalinized, carbon filters, sand filters, portable tanks, filters, multimedia filters, etc. Resin traps should be considered in most ion exchange and carbon system backwash pipelines because temperature-related flow changes can cause these expensive materials to be sent to the sewer.

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